CGI Elements360 Workbench helps underwriters do what they do best, underwrite. CGI Elements360 Workbench reduces the noise so you can focus on the right business.  It provides a single place to simplify your day, putting the right information in front of you and reducing time wasted on admin tasks.

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Giving underwriters more time to underwrite, by removing day-to-day noise

We have taken the time to talk to underwriting teams to better understand the main frustrations with underwriting in today’s market. We are realistic enough to know that trying to solve every challenge is not practical. However, using a consulting led approach we are able to provide new capabilities that solve key challenges faced by underwriters in their day-to-day activities and create business value fast;

Reducing noise to focus on the right business

By analysing incoming emails and submissions you can highlight the incoming business that most closely matches your configurable appetite filters, helping you decide what to work on first.

Improved key ratios and financial performance.

Finding important information faster 


Rather than searching through attached documents, our intelligent document extraction tools, helps you find the right information you need to help make decisions faster.

Increased acceptance and conversion rates

Simplifying your workspace

Providing you with a single tool to see everything in one place, by providing a single solution that facilitates access to all the data and tools you need, from lead to close. We tie together all the emails, spreadsheets, documents and multiple administration systems to make life easier.

Increased underwriter satisfaction and retention

Saving time by reducing admin


Win back time for underwriters, by reducing rekeying between systems and removing time-wasting administrative tasks.

More time spent underwriting

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Underwriting teams have refined their ways of working over years to best suit their business. When implementing something like a CGI Elements360 Workbench, it is important to keep this in mind. We use a collaborative approach, built around our Managed Innovation framework, to identify which teams are best suited to take on the benefits CGI Elements360 Workbench can provide and what are the right challenges to address.

We will work with you right from the start to identify clearly defined business benefits and ensure that these can be tracked to understand progress and the right next steps. This approach helps us to reduce the time to deliver measurable business value.

Focus on solving problems, faster

Our rapid discovery approach means we will start where you are, focus on what value means to you and apply CGI Elements360 Workbench in a way that works for best for you and your team.

We work with you to quickly identify which teams are best suited to take advantage of these new capabilities. We recommend an approach where we look where we can make a difference to day-to-day activities as soon as possible, prove the value then expand the coverage of CGI Elements360 Workbench.

Start small and continually improve

Our design is open, simple and practical, meaning you can adapt and optimise the areas which make most sense to you. Our open platform approach allows us to increase the capabilities of the CGI Elements360 Workbench over-time. Your teams will inform the additional tools, data and solutions they want to add as you learn new ways of working.

This approach allows us to work with you to deliver business value early, rather than wait for a big bang delivery approach.

Adapt as you learn

Once you are using CGI Elements360 Workbench you and your teams will understand better how to take full advantage of the new ways of working. Feedback is therefore critical to our incremental design approach. This allows us to iterate with your underwriters about the practicalities of using CGI Elements360 Workbench and where we focus next on creating value.

As your teams learn, we will work with you to configure and enhance your CGI Elements360 Workbench as you adapt and change your approach.  


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Streamline and enhance the underwriting process


A modular and extendable platform that enables you to rapidly deploy new underwriting capabilities



CGI Elements360 Workbench

When supported by our insurance domain expertise and delivery frameworks, CGI Elements360 Workbench provides you with the tools, data, and enhanced workflows you need to transform how you prioritise, allocate and process risks. Enabling you to write more of the right businesses that best-fits your appetite.


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