CGI Managed Innovation - Insurance enables clients to explore business opportunities and rapidly deliver innovative solutions to challenging business problems by combining stakeholders from across your business with our industry and emerging technology experts.

Our lean approach to design thinking, specifically tailored to the insurance industry, empowers clients to rapidly define, design and deliver testable solutions, all run via a series of Covid-friendly online virtual meetings and workshops.


    CGI's Managed Innovation - Insurance

    This video explains what CGI’s Managed Innovation - Insurance is and how it can help the insurance sector. Digital disruption, artificial intelligence and agile new competitors are creating an extremely competitive landscape, but CGI’s Managed Innovation - Insurance is a design-focussed method that solves this challenge.

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      CGI Managed Innovation - Insurance accelerates innovation and delivers measurable business outcomes in less than 8 weeks. Our rapid and low-risk approach to solving insurance-specific challenges enables clients to accelerate innovation and:


      • Achieve alignment, build momentum and secure buy-in

      • Discover new insights into emerging technology, consumer trends, and their impact

      • Define problem areas and prioritise design challenges based on their potential ROI

      • Capture in-house knowledge and drive internal ideation

      • Rapidly design, and validate new products, services, and propositions

      • Define a measurable, innovation roadmap that drives business value.


      Contact us today to learn more about how CGI Managed Innovation - Insurance can kick start your innovation journey.

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      How to ensure Managed Innovation projects innovate and create value

      Our Head of strategy and innovation Daren Rudd explores where many companies go wrong with Managed Innovation projects, and discusses how to ensure these projects stay focused, do what they were intended to do, but most importantly, actually innovate.

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      How to leverage Managed Innovation

      Our Head of strategy and innovation Daren Rudd chats to Gary Cook on what Managed Innovation projects look like, where many companies can go wrong and how they can make use of Managed Innovation.

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      Insurance Market Manager

      Our Insurance Market Manager is more than just a pricing (IHP) solution, it connects to new types of distribution. It enables a faster pace of product innovation, new customer engagement models and new product propositions and services.

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