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Magic of the Network

For over 10 years, CGI has successfully supported a network of hundreds of brokers and insurers in dealing with reconciliation – processing over £1 billion gross written premium every year.

We know that success is only partially built on technology. Reconciliation is a complex network of interactions between brokers and insurers. No single organisation can solve the reconciliation challenge alone. The magic happens when we combine smart technology while bringing the market together.

Our relaunched CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA combines the latest in AI and collaborative workflow technology, with the power of the network of hundreds of brokers and insurers to remove friction and cost for the market.

Together we have the opportunity to reduce your credit control and IBA operational costs by 20-30%.

This is why we have been working across the market to build up our network and are already partnering with some of the largest insurers and brokers.

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Key benefits 

Reduce friction, free your teams

By using smart automated reconciliation, the number of queries is reduced, while collaborative workflow allows faster resolution of any remaining query.

20-30% improvement in operating costs and faster resolution times.

Work together, better


Reduce the frustrations of working across organisations to resolve queries using our end-to-end collaborative query workflow.

Improve creditor and debtor profiles building better agency relationships.

Hand the drudgery to the machine

With our API enabled platform we can work with your teams to reduce rekeying between platforms sending data straight to policy admin and reporting systems.

Reduce wasted manual effort while improving data quality.

See and solve problems, faster


With everything flowing through a single platform you have better insight and KPIs into how to improve team performance and spot those difficult to solve unreconciled items.

Deliver operational process improvement.

Be compliant, with confidence

Our process compliance controls ensure you can be confident compliance frameworks are adhered to without getting in the way of your team's day jobs. Reduce the risk of compliance issues.

A solution designed for happier teams

Your teams can work the way they want to through our adaptable and intuitive interface. Increased productivity and reduced staff turnover.
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Designed with you in mind

We know that every business is unique, with your own ways of working and investment in existing systems, which is why we design our solution around you.


Work with IBA experts

Our teams have worked in IBA teams and understand your challenges

Make a difference to your business

Our consultative process finds the biggest opportunities and the right business case for you.


Configured to suit you

Our adaptable solution can be configured to create a way of working that will suit your team

More than just software

Working with you, our experienced consulting teams consider your end-to-end business process to maximise the value from implementing CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA


Your business changes, so can CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA


  • Automated reconciliation – less queries with smart matching
  • Configurable workflow – your teams get a system that works for them
  • Intuitive UI and insights – helping your teams be more productive
  • API portal and Acturis integration – reduce rekeying and manual entry
  • Cloud platform - we run the solution, you focus on your business.
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It is not about the software, but about who you partner with

Theory is great, but we know it is vital people see how a new system will really make a difference to the way they work. Our IBA experts can work with your teams to rapidly deliver a pilot and give them hands-on experience of the benefits of using CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA.

Succeed, together.

Success is built by working together. Our long existing network of brokers and insurers already using CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA is continuing to grow, joined by some of the largest insurers and brokers to achieve that all important network success effect.

Get in touch with our local CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA experts to find out how you can take advantage of magic of the network.