Manual processing friction increases cost for credit control and insurance broker accounting (IBA) teams, a major frustration for both sides. AI automation can reduce much of the manual processing, while collaborative workflow improves resolution time for difficult to solve queries.

CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA is a modern platform designed to evolve with your business. Our solution has been developed using low code tools meaning we are able to quickly enhance and adapt the solution as your needs change.


Why use CGI Elements360 ARC-IBA?

  • 20-30% improvement in operating costs and faster resolution times
  • Reduce wasted manual effort while improving data quality
  • Deliver operational process improvement
  • Quick search and sorting of all data on all your accounts, providing a consolidated single view
  • Enquiry facilities with comments and audit trail enable the easy interrogation of entries
  • Improved broker/insurer communication and real-time query handling leading to quicker resolution
  • Cross industry solution with consistency of process across all brokers and insurers
  • Improve creditor and debtor profiles building better agency relationships
  • Increased productivity and reduced staff turnover
  • Reduce the risk of compliance issues