Delivering improved Customer Experience (CX) through a powerful suite of customised apps

CGI and Netcall, a customer experience software specialist, are working together to solve client challenges, flexing the power of low code to deliver rapid business change.

With the pandemic reverberating across the globe, every sector is adapting to customers clamouring for value and relevance. Squeezed by competition and uncertain investment returns, the insurance market is responding by doubling down on digitisation. Leaders choosing smart toolsets for agile, flexible and repeatable delivery of cashless, self-serve solutions at speed. Whether you are re-engineering distribution, acquisition or how you service claims, it’s time to flex the joint power of Netcall and CGI…and low-code.

CGI and Netcall are in many ways a perfect duo. Combining the speed, flexibility and agility of the “Liberty Create low-code platform” provided by Netcall with unrivalled the skill, governance, industry expertise and delivery that CGI has become so well known for means that all bases are covered. CGI pride themselves on their unique proximity model, ensuring that wherever their key projects take place, they have offices and, crucially, personnel. CGI deliver projects on time, in budget, contributing when, where and how you need us.

Our Insurance Launchpad includes applications designed to address the process gaps impeding great CX. Need an app to quickly settle low value claims? Want to automate, integrate, validate? With Insurance Hub, you can design, build, operate and adapt faster and easier; and because every insurance process is slightly different, you can customise these solutions to meet 100% of your needs.

Insurance launchpad apps

The starter apps provide a range of tools designed to equip your business to deliver a great CX. They include:

  • CLAIMS CONNECT – integrated supply chain fulfilment. A claims status tool providing visibility of supply chain performance with a consistent digital customer fulfilment experience. Regardless of claim type or service provider - be they loss adjuster, approved repairer, service partner or contractor
  • VIRTUAL VISIT – Video consultation has become the default channel for complex customer interaction. Virtual visit enables experts to gather data, deliver insight and impart expertise remotely. Dramatically improving customer experience, reducing cycle times and speeding settlement. Improved employee productivity and lower costs enabling Virtual Visit to be applied not just in claims but as part of policy acquisition and new customer on-boarding
  • DATA TRANSLATOR – Flexing the power of API’s and Microservices “Data Translator” Extracts and Transforms data from external providers, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to translate language and complexity for output to your target systems. Whether your data is unstructured, semi-structured or structured Data Translator can be harnessed to remove manual processes, improve accuracy and automate the flow of data into your business.

In addition to these applications, we also include training on the Create platform and mentoring to help your team maximise the potential of these apps for the business.

BUILD OUT TO MEET CURRENT AND FUTURE CX NEEDS Insurance Launchpad is an extensible platform designed for you to build out to meet current and future requirements. Apps can be built by CGI to help improve customer experience for your business.

  • Equip your process people with the tools they need to build a great CX for your customers
  • Create a seamless end-to-end journey for your customers for a CX that delivers great online reviews
  • Reduce demand on the contact centre by giving customers greater visibility during every step aUse increased automation to dramatically reduce the time and costs of processing a claim
  • Understand customers’ data better and integrate with AI tools to create the new products needed to win future business.

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