Join us at London Tech Week, where we’ll be at the forefront of innovation, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions and sharing insights on the future of technology. As an enterprise business, we’re excited to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the tech community’s growth.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

  • The future of security and data

  • Tomorrow's talent

  • The deep tech revolution

  • Healthier futures

  • Responsible business


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We work across numerous important sectors in London. Our VP, who knows the most about the part we play in the city, Adam Kobeissi, discusses the impact we are making and hope to make in the future.

Adam stands next to our Morph statue that we sponsored in 2023 as part of a Whizz Kids charity London trail initiative.


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Artificial Intelligence

We are a trusted artificial intelligence (AI) expert, helping clients deliver responsible AI. Combining our end-to-end capabilities in data science and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and technology engineering skills to generate new insights, experiences  powered by AI.

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The future of data & security

We have over 1,700 cyber security experts globally with one of the largest cyber security practices in the UK helping clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focussed approach, protecting what is most valuable to them.

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Tomorrow’s talent

We're dedicated to inspiring the next generation of the STEM workforce. Our global STEM@CGI program aims to provide experiences that inspire students with the drive to learn for a bright future in the digital workforce.

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The deep tech revolution

We recognise that emerging technologies are critical to the profitable growth and future success of organisations as they digitally transform. Our Emerging Technology Practice forms part of an extensive global network of innovation, and provides market-relevant insight, and capabilities to support our clients.

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Healthier futures

We do things differently in health and care. We understand your problem first, then work together to find the solution. Our ambition is to help health and care organisations deliver the right care for everyone, at the right time, in the right place and from the right people.


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Responsible business

We believe that business has an obligation to act responsibly, a belief which is realised across our organisation. Sustainability is present in our operating practices, the innovative solutions we provide to clients, the partnerships we hold with third parties and the roles we play in the communities in which we live and work.

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Tara McGeehan

Fireside chat: "Deep Tech from Wild West to Ethical East"

Monday June 10 | 12:45 PM | The Main Stage

Join Tara McGeehan for this fireside chat to explore how the Deep Tech Revolution is shaping every aspect of our lives and futures.

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Russell Goodenough

Panel: "AI for Good"

Tuesday June 11 | 15:35 | The Corporate Stage

Join Russell Goodenough and a panel of experts as they discuss  how AI can be harnessed for positive impact while addressing ethical considerations.  

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