Insurance pricing and risk assessment, providing quicker responses to market changes can now be provided for less cost, more quickly and more easily using our new Cloud Pricing and Risk Assessment service.

CGI’s next generation Cloud Pricing and Risk Assessment service puts you in control and enables you to make rapid changes to Insurance pricing and assessment criteria in response to dynamic market conditions. CGI’s Cloud Rating Engine will enable you to respond more quickly to changes, bring new products to market more quickly, operate more efficiently and at a lower cost.


CGI’s next generation Cloud Pricing and Risk Assessment service provides the following benefits:

Cloud Insurance Pricing and Risk Assessment table
1. Puts you in control of pricing and risk assessment
2. Allows quicker response to dynamic market conditions
3. Increased speed-to-market for new insurance products and pricing
4. Up-front costs are reduced
5. Costs scale with usage (‘pay per use’) (depends on the commercial model)
6. A working solution is faster to implement, allowing quicker time to benefit.
7. Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
8. Less complex quality assurance process leading to fewer errors
9. Reduced operational risk (compensation, financial loss due to publication of incorrect rates)
10. Supported by business-side resources, use of Cloud Rating further reduced dependence on internal IT departments
11. Standards-based interfaces mean simpler, faster integration
12. Reduced testing timelines

Don’t just take our word for it:

“CGI proved their worth, not just in terms of the ProductWriter expertise but also through the knowledge transferred to our staff. Most significant of all is that they work with us as a true partner and deliver a service that addresses our needs and will have long-term benefits for our business.”
Patricia Johnson, RSA UK manager

“Working with CGI and Ratabase allowed us to achieve the best results within our tight project timeframes leading us to successfully reach our goal. Our agents are extremely satisfied and have increased the business sent to Hartford Mutual. Internally we have increased our speed to market, reached our technology goals and can now move the rating maintenance from IT to the business allowing us more time for strategic IT initiatives.”