CGI is re-imagining debt relief and recovery with a cloud-native platform powered by intelligent automation and machine learning. As a unified solutions provider, CGI is proud to offer next-generation credit management, reflecting major technology investments and a steadfast commitment to debt relief, management and recovery clients. Our debt relief and recovery platform empowers businesses and their customers with transformative flexibility, modularity and digital experiences across the credit management life cycle.

Evolving to meet the moment

Today’s debt relief and recovery solutions must do more than enable collections; they must help consumers tackle debt and offer pathways to recovery. Our debt relief and recovery solutions inform the best options for your customers and most favorable strategies for your business, including:

  • Debt management strategies
  • 24/7 customer self service
  • Right time, right contact, right channel-driven communications using machine learning
  • Persona-based default management strategies

Debt relief and recovery reimagined

Leveraging an open architecture and, in collaboration with the industry’s most innovative partners, we make it easier than ever to deploy solutions for maximum efficiency and minimum overhead. Our rapid build-and-deploy approach avoids high risk, high cost, “big bang” deployments. With data security and privacy protection at its core, our cloud-native, browser-based platform can support deployment, hosting and application managed services through our internal private cloud, on-premise deployment or the public cloud.

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