Transforming collections to drive strategic advantage

CGI Collections360 is a comprehensive managed service approach to collections and debt management. that encompasses the management of software, business processes, underlying IT and planning into a single cohesive suite. By providing a structure supported by technology that automatically assigns cases to the most cost-effective treatment streams, organizations are able to collect more, collect it faster, and do so at the lowest cost.

CGI’s approach

CGI packages its market-leading software with managed services and business process outsourcing in a highly configurable arrangement. Through a proof of concept, CGI can help organizations assess whether a collections managed service model will create significant value; explore alternative scenarios based on CGI value-creation levers and the client’s priorities; and develop a high-level solution and business case to present to executives.

CGI Collections360 at a glance

CGI Collections360’s broad and flexible components can be configured for each organization’s needs. Components can be purchased separately or in combination as licensed software. CGI offers implementation assistance and ongoing maintenance. Applications can be hosted on a client’s infrastructure, with CGI providing onsite and remote monitoring, or on CGI’s infrastructure. CGI also can provide collectors and collection managers, as well as training and support staff.

CGI Collections360 benefits

CGI Collections360 delivers a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • End-to-end management expands capacity, increases collection rates and reduces net bad debt, costs and risk 
  • Advanced collection case management and workflow address all stages of collection 
  • Integrated platform provides world-class technology at the lowest price point 
  • Fast deployment with minimal disruption to existing operations 
  • Flexibility and scale to quickly and cost effectively shift gears as needs change 
  • Improved utilization of data in default management operations 
  • Access to resources that help mitigate regulatory risk

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