Optimizing treasury and asset management

CGI’s TWIN360 is a market-leading system designed to optimize the end-to-end treasury and asset management life cycle for organizations operating in a global, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-instrument environment.

CGI TWIN360 is a web-based, highly scalable system that supports straight-through processing (STP) to and from internal and external counter-parties, other financial systems and e-marketplaces. It accurately analyzes the performance and risk exposure of trading rooms, treasury functions and investment firms for any type of portfolio or security and for all traded currencies.

The value CGI TWIN360 delivers

CGI TWIN360 is a market leading and proven solution designed to drive efficiencies in treasury and asset management processes and strategic business outcomes. Used by more than 160 of the world’s largest finance organizations, CGI TWIN360 delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides an instant overview of your organization’s financial information flow and currency positions, in whole or specific parts
  • Consolidates heterogeneous, well-performing portfolios
  • Streamlines fixed income, foreign exchange, equity and commodity deals, as well as deals in all traded currencies,  the majority of all financial instruments and their derivatives
  • Provides superior control and opportunities to exploit financial market fluctuations to your advantage.
  • Performs risk analysis in real time and makes the financial risks of your operations clearly visible

CGI TWIN360 is developed in accordance with market practice close to our customers, ensuring your organization needs in an ever changing environment.

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