Kevin Poe

Kevin Poe is the head of CGI’s Financial and Insurance Solutions Group, which encompasses CGI’s software solutions in multiple areas, including credit/collections, payments, trade finance, and insurance. Prior to his current role, Kevin served as CGI’s global lead for banking, leveraging his deep industry expertise to support client and marketing teams across CGI’s businesses in North America and Europe, with a focus on retail and commercial banking.

Prior to joining CGI, Kevin was a global consultant at Experian, and he previously held senior positions at Capital One, SunTrust Bank, and McKinsey in North America and Europe. He has worked extensively for and with financial services firms for more than 15 years, following previous roles in engineering and consulting for the aerospace, industrial manufacturing and energy industries.

Kevin is a recognized expert in financial services, leading transformations for clients in areas such as digital, data analytics, innovation, customer experience and process improvement, and covering the full spectrum of retail banking, consumer finance and wealth management. Among other topics, Kevin is currently driving thought leadership on the revolutionary impact of digital in financial services.

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