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CGI has made fundamental contributions to the payments industry—from the design of the SWIFT network for international transfers in 1973, to chip and PIN card rollouts, to the design and implementation of payment infrastructures and processes using distributed ledger technologies and APIs. This experience, combined with our end-to-end technology services and payment capabilities, can help you implement world-class payment services.

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At the forefront of payments for 40+ years

  • Manage the interbank funds transfer system in Canada, which processes an average of $167 billion per day
  • Supported the design and development of a member bank interface for connectivity to the Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) system
  • Developed specifications and best practices for implementing the NACHA ISO 20022 XML Opt-in Program
  • Collaborated with the UK’s Payments Council to develop its Current Account Switch Service


Moving payments to the public cloud with CGI All Payments

Most banks have been reticent to move their core systems to the public cloud because of its unique security issues. Read our paper to learn how banks can address those issues.


global FX settlement volume processed by CGI



SWIFT payment transactions settled by CGI



U.S. wire-based transaction volume handled by CGI