Network utilities: New ways of seeing

Organizations that can move from experimenting with discrete digital projects to fully embracing digital transformation as a new business model will succeed in becoming Optimized Network Utilities, or ONUs.

Three related ways of seeing will shape the attitudes that will enable ONUs to thrive in a utilities world buffeted by paradigm shifts. These ways of seeing will show them how a network utility can take advantage of change to bring greater value to all stakeholders, whether shareholders, suppliers, consumers or regulators.

In CGI’s vision, the ONU follows three fundamental mindsets:

  1. Embraces the bidirectional flow of energy and information
  2. Progressively rolls out technologies with clear ROI, while building knowledge and flexibility
  3. Exploits 360º control and visibility by driving end-to-end business processes enabled by automation and the integration of operational and information technologies

Read more about CGI’s vision for ONUs and how our solutions and commercial models are specifically designed to allow clients to test and scale their investments, aligning them to their strategy and the financial returns they expect.

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