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At the forefront of retail banking for 40+ years

CGI has more than four decades of experience and a successful delivery track record in the retail and consumer finance sector, offering a full spectrum of services and solutions, a proven global delivery model, and a strong commitment to quality.

Banks are increasingly relying on CGI to help them prepare for a digital-first future. Through innovation and service excellence, CGI transforms legacy technologies and operations to deliver new capabilities and revenue-generating programs. In addition, our work identifies and frees up crucial resources and funds needed to successfully execute transformative projects, ensuring market growth for clients as they take the lead in new digital territories.

CGI in Banking: Accelerating your digital journey

CGI in Banking: Accelerating your digital journey

As banks face pressure to accelerate their digital journey amid a constantly changing environment, this catalyst for change brings unique opportunities. Learn more


Retail banking

2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients

This CGI blog post discusses the ongoing work of retail banks in digitizing their business models.

Listening to the voice of our clients: Retail banks continue to reinvent their business models through digitization

While the challenges of the pandemic have been intense, retail banks have made the most of a difficult situation, increasing their investment in digital technologies to accommodate pandemic-driven customer service changes while maintaining security and driving innovation.

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