A single solution for managing and improving retail banking

CGI’s HORIZON Financial Suite is a core retail bank system for managing all front- and back-office retail banking activities, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer service. The suite consists of modules that cover key processes, including retail banking, customer relationship management, lending, collections and reporting. Based on your unique business needs, these modules can be fully and easily integrated as required to provide a robust, custom solution.

With HORIZON Financial Suite, banks can develop, launch and maintain their own products, better understand and respond to their customers, improve their lending and collections practices, and ensure accurate reporting through a single offering managed by a team of banking experts with decades of experience in helping financial institutions win and grow.

HORIZON Financial Suite includes the following modules:

  • HORIZON Retail Banking: Manages end-to-end retail banking processes—from product design and management, to account creation and maintenance, to statement processing, general ledger management, reporting and more, enabling banks to focus on strategy instead of daily/weekly/monthly/annual administrative tasks.
  • HORIZON Know Your Customer: Supports customer profiling, targeted promotions, sales opportunity management and reporting, customer service follow-up activities, customer profitability analysis, and more to enable you to better understand and serve your customers, generate sales and marketing opportunities and keep your staff fully informed.
  • HORIZON Loan Origination: Assists lenders in selecting the best loan products for each customer and managing the entire loan process through comprehensive tools that handle applicant data, credit checks, creditor insurance, security registrations, loan evaluations, loan approvals, custom pre-populated lending documents, and more.
  • HORIZON Delinquency Management: Improves the management of delinquent accounts, through automated delinquency identification, account status updates and reporting, as well as automated collections follow-up activities, including notifications, escalations and staff action lists.

Each HORIZON solution integrates easily not only with other HORIZON solutions but also third-party solutions. In addition, new releases of each solution are pushed seamlessly to clients, enabling them to immediately realize the benefits of new functionality.