Know Your Customer offers a number of key features that enable you to better understand and serve your customers, manage sales and marketing opportunities, and keep your staff informed:

Understand your customers’ profitability: Know Your Customer provides each institution with a profitability tool to calculate and display a customer or account value based on individual product and financial transaction profit calculations. The tool generates a relative profit value, allowing the financial institution to conduct account-to-account, product-to-product and customer-to- customer comparisons.

Better manage sales opportunities: With Know Your Customer, you can create and update sales opportunities with client information that supports follow-ups and also enable your staff to work together as a unified sales team.

Improve your customer service: Know Your Customer enables you to capture, track and follow up on customer service activities, such as inquiries and complaints. Customer service contacts can be easily referred to any member of your staff for appropriate follow-up activities

Enhance your marketing management: Know Your Customer includes automated renewal and maturity prompts, as well as comprehensive channel capabilities, including call center, front counter, mail, email and online channels.

Keep your staff better informed: Know Your Customer provides realtime email reminders, escalations and action lists to help keep your staff on top of all customer-related activity, improving how their customer interactions and response.

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