CGI’s HORIZON™ Loan Origination solution assists lenders in selecting loan products and options best suited to individual customer needs. Loan Origination retrieves all of the customer demographic and financial information available in the host banking system (in addition to any extraneous customer information from a prior loan origination system) and automatically creates and funds the loan following the approval process. Supporting term loans, mortgages, credit card applications, secured and unsecured lines of credit, overdrafts and small business loans, Loan Origination satisfies all consumer lending needs.


HORIZON Loan Origination effectively streamlines the application process, providing the following benefits and more:

  • Pre-populated data for repeat applications for the same customer
  • Real-time updates of demographic and balance information; available either manually or automatically based on financial institution policy
  • Automated population of net worth from the credit bureau
  • Ability to add co-applicants or joint applicants at any time during the application process
  • Dynamic evaluation tools
  • Single-button booking of a loan to banking system, including insurance enrolments

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