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An integrated, end-to-end approach to default management

CGI Credit Studio offers a fully-integrated, end-to-end default management solution that empowers lenders to navigate cost pressures, streamline third-party integration, adapt to dynamic compliance requirements, and replace outdated processes and technologies. Take digital collections to the next level, maximizing automation without sacrificing personalization, while driving business agility and a better customer/agent experience.

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Every customer’s situation is unique. CGI Credit Studio solicits, analyzes, and intelligently collaborates across channels of preference through digital conversations—transforming customer interactions and the likelihood of repayment. Our solution goes beyond digital and prioritizes personalized engagement for effective debt management.

$1+ trillion
in outstanding debt processed daily for the world’s largest financial institutions
Proven track record in cost savings and a 5-20% increase in debt collected
Implementations for some of the world’s largest organizations in 60 countries

Transforming the collections industry for 40+ years

With decades of collections experience, we offer next-generation default management that reflects major technology investments and a steadfast commitment to helping clients transform debt management and recovery.

Serving 15 of the top 20 banks in the world with 14,000 banking professionals, we can help you streamline debt management, reach new customer experience heights, and drive IT innovation that increases profit and accelerates growth.

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Real time interactions

Satisfy your customers’ digital expectations with 24x7, event-driven, next-best-action, and real-time triggers to initiate and maintain engagement on their terms.

Self-service and virtual agents

Expand your channels and penetration rates by providing customers with the benefits of intuitive self-service tools and agentless collections.

Improved customer experience

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable you to better understand your customers, while agile decisioning helps you deliver a tailored customer journey.

Personalized digital resolutions

Increase repayment rates through digital conversations that provide meaningful debt resolution options based on each unique circumstance.

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