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Federal agencies require greater efficiency from their end-to-end enterprise services as they seek to reduce costs and fulfill their missions through innovation. As new technologies enable digital transformation, there is an increasing focus on data visualization and analytics, automation, context-aware capabilities and real-time information insight.

CGI offers a suite of business process services designed to address the unique needs of federal agencies in this changing landscape. With evolving business process automation and robotics technology, we meet the rising demands for quality and compliance, while decreasing the cost to serve our clients.

building inspection

Related solutions


For example, in the affordable housing industry, CGI experts combine broad experience and in-depth knowledge in affordable housing programs to help federal, state and local housing agencies and property owners meet their objectives with services in areas such as:

Program administration

with the capability to meet client needs regardless of size, scope and complexity. CGI’s work in performance-based contract administration of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 program is a prime example. Our PBCA work covers more than 25% of HUD’s Section 8 project-based portfolio, which includes administering multifamily housing contracts, calculating rental subsidies and enforcing owner obligations.

HQS and UPCS inspection services

for HUD and numerous housing authorities, including conducting initial, annual and special inspections, and all associated re-inspections, in accordance with HUD regulations and guidelines.

Elligibility determination and recertification processing

targeted services that involve document verification and review, income calculations and data input.

Call center administration

including start-up and implementation support and ongoing administration of PBCA customer services centers with annual call volume of over 100,000.