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CGI assists the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in advancing the availability of safe, affordable housing opportunities for Americans. In its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, HUD articulated its vision as a steward of taxpayer funds, focused on its core mission and modernized operations. With this comes opportunities for HUD, PHAs and other organizations focused on making affordable housing available to those in need.

CGI supports public sector housing leaders in meeting their operational challenges and new opportunities. We offer a catalog of operations outsourcing, information technology and domain-specific consulting services aimed at improving the lives of the nearly 5 million US households that receive housing assistance.

Related solutions

  • CGI OnCue360 HQS – a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution designed to help PHAs improve decision making and workforce productivity
  • CGI Notify – an interactive service for sending and receiving SMS (text, voice and email messages to tenant and/or owners
  • CGI View360 – analytics for housing authorities to manage and visualize multiple layers of information for greater insight
CGI blends our affordable housing industry expertise with IT systems development to enable housing agencies to continuously improve their services.