The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program is the nation’s largest rental assistance program.  As of December 2019, more than 5 million people in 2.2 million low-income households rely upon vouchers to help them obtain safe and reliable housing. Since 1995, CGI has worked with the affordable housing industry to improve and streamline operations in support of locally administered HCV programs.

Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) across the country partner with CGI for delivery of HCV program operations tasks such as

  • Opening, closing, and purging waiting lists
  • Applicant processing, ranking and selection
  • Eligibility determinations
  • Housing Quality Standards Inspections including HUD’s Uniform Physical Condition Standards for Vouchers (UPCS-V) pilot program
  • Rent reasonableness reviews
  • Landlord relations and payment
  • Case management for ongoing tenant services including annual re-examinations, interim re-examinations, change of unit and portability
  • Administration of programs such as special purpose and project-based vouchers

CGI’s HCV operations services have enabled clients to move quickly from Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) “troubled” to “high performer” status.

Consulting Services: PHAs strive to operate more efficiently and attain the highest level of HUD-rated performance. Our expert consulting services help them accomplish that.  Our housing experts support a variety of PHA needs including:

  • Program assessments and audits. Reviews examine all relevant aspects of a program including work flow management, policies, procedures, operations, and compliance. We present detailed results, findings, corrective actions, and proposed policy and procedural changes to improve the program and ensure compliance.
  • SEMAP reviews. Our experts assess and measure performance against HUD’s 14 HCV key SEMAP Indicators.  We provide detailed written reports of findings and recommendations along with focus areas of training.
  • Tenant mobility. Our subject matter experts design mobility counselling programs for PHA’s.  We conduct analyses for:
    • Current conditions of the existing housing portfolio
    • Mapping and demographics of the PHA’s jurisdiction
    • Operations and outreach efforts
  • Landlord recruitment and outreach.  Our subject matter experts identify trends and patterns that may impact a PHA’s ability to attract and retain landlords with quality units.
  • Tenant file audits.  We perform tenant file audits to ensure PHAs comply with HUD rules and regulations and the PHA’s administrative plan.  These audits help the PHA mitigate errors and identify staff training needs.

As-needed staff support: To meet specific PHA needs, CGI can provide additional staff to support a variety of HCV tasks including Intake Specialists, Tenant Mobility Coordinators, Special Programs Coordinators and Supervisors, and Compliance Review personnel to help augment current staff or improve current capabilities.

Purpose-built technology solutions: As housing authorities work toward improving the overall management and efficiency of their housing programs,  CGI’s modern, web-based technology solutions support the most complex business processes including HQS inspections, waitlist management, initial and annual re-certifications, communications and notification, and program analytics.





  • CGI OnCue360 HQS – a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution designed to help PHAs improve decision making and workforce productivity
  • CGI Notify – an interactive service for sending and receiving SMS (text, voice and email messages to tenant and/or owners
  • CGI View360 – analytics for housing authorities to manage and visualize multiple layers of information for greater insight