Since the Digital Revolution, the Utilities industry has been producing enormous amounts of data, offering potential for transformative Intelligent Automation (IA) use cases. Utilities companies are already achieving significant benefits from IA due to improved operational efficiency, data quality and customer experience.


CGI and UiPath’s joined forces for an exclusive webinar on Tuesday 11 May at 10am on the opportunities that Intelligent Automation can bring to your Utilities company. The event explored how IA can help transform the customer, agent and operator experience, drive new business models, and turn continual innovation into a genuine competitive advantage.

The webinar featured the following:

  • Trends in the utilities industry and the future of work
  • Showcase of industry examples across customer, operations and services
  • Live customer story demonstrating the opportunities and benefits from implementing at scale
  • Breakout sessions focused on sector-specific use cases where automation can add value


For more information, contact Christopher Robson.

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