Driving competitive advantage through online collections

CGI’s Web Promises enables organizations to effectively transition their collections activities to the Web and begin collecting more money immediately—without adding additional staff or overhead. Soaring loan delinquencies have resulted in an increase in collection activities and, at the same time, the effectiveness of traditional telephone and mail channels continues to decline. Consumers avoid collection calls, along with mail collection tactics, requiring new channels for managing collections.

Web Promises is a Web agent that organizations can easily integrate into their existing collections systems. The tool helps you build a Web channel that delivers significant business advantages, including the following:

  • Consumer preference alignment: Customers can self-cure” their delinquency at their convenience via a non-confrontational, self-service method

  • 24/7 availability: Operates 24/7 without staff costs, training and turnover

  • Fast implementation, low cost, fast payback: With remarkably low capital outlay, your organization can be up and running in as little as two months and receive full payback within one year.

  • Support for “agent-less” collections activities: Facilitates “agent-less” collection activity, including most aspects of debt negotiations, commitments, payments and settlements

  • Near real-time processing: Provides debtors with immediate feedback, creating the perception of end-to-end, real-time processing.

  • Seamless integration: Can be tailored to work with most core collection systems, but is optimized for CACS Enterprise, CGI’s market-leading collection system

  • High flexibility and scalability: Web Promises’ service-oriented architecture makes it highly flexible and scalable, driving further efficiencies and cost savings.

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Web Promises® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.