Communication service providers (CSPs) are facing existential issues. Under attack from nimbler, more energetic and more agile players, they find themselves on a slippery slope. To survive, secure their markets, and resume growing, it’s essential for CSPs to provide a broader range of innovative digital services. To do so, however, they must take a bold step and redefine their corporate DNA—in other words, their culture, business architecture and branding.

CGI has developed a uniquely powerful approach and service for shifting the focus and forging a culture of horizontal and external collaboration. It systematically transforms the mindset, values and behaviors that are practiced and rewarded on a daily basis in an organization. In the process, employees learn to embrace risks and uncertainty as the norm instead of the exception. Throughout it all, the paradigm is steady evolution instead of sudden transformation.

Read how CGI can help you embark on this evolutionary process to become more agile and innovative, making the most of market opportunities and maximizing value for your customers and stakeholders. 

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