CGI Collections360

CGI Collections360

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An integrated, end-to-end approach to collections like no other

CGI Collections360 helps you overcome challenges related to cost pressures, multi-vendor management, dynamic compliance, and out of date processes, technologies and systems.

Collect more and faster with a single cohesive solution suite. With our fast-track benefits analysis, we can quickly assess the impact CGI Collections360 can have on your collections business.

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$1 trillion
in outstanding debt processed daily for the world's largest financial institutions
proven track record in cost savings and a 5-20% increase in debt collected
implementations for some of the world's largest organizations in 60+ countries

Flexibility, simplicity, and lower risk for your business - with maximum oversight

CGI’s Collection360 helps you overcome the challenges associated with cost pressure, multi-vendor management, dynamic compliance requirements and out-of-date processes, technologies and systems.

Collect more and collect faster with a single cohesive suite. Our fast-track benefits analysis will quickly measure the impact CGI Collections360 can have on your business.

Comprehensive managed service approach to collections and debt management

Realize greater operational agility, faster time to market, and maximized business results without the risks, distractions and headaches of managing IT resources in-house.

With systematic maintenance of our software license, you’re ensured the latest functionality improvements and compliance updates CGI Collections360 has to offer.


Fast, low-cost, low-risk deployment

CGI Collections360 has a 100% successful on-time, on-budget delivery track record based on more than 350 implementations worldwide. CGI uses a proven, flexible and customizable implementation methodology that speeds up deployment while minimizing costs and risks.

Clients have complete flexibility in choosing the CGI Collections360 capabilities they desire, as well as an implementation roadmap that works best for their organization.

Business assessement

As part of the pre-sales process, we work closely with organizations to understand their current collections capabilities, compared to best-in-class capabilities (across 25 areas). We’re able to help you quickly assess (in about 90 minutes) the potential benefits of CGI Collections360 to your organization.

Quick start

Your organization might opt for our quick start implementation process, which involves predefined workflows and best practices “in a box” that require little time and cost to implement.

Full implementation

Our experienced collections experts guide these clients through each stage, ensuring rigorous project and quality management using CGI’s ISO-9001 certified Client Partnership Management Framework and proven testing processes.

Ongoing support

Whether your organization chooses a quick start or comprehensive implementation roadmap, CGI provides ongoing support, with local collections experts backed by the resources of an extensive global delivery network. We can provide ongoing application hosting and maintenance using your infrastructure—with onsite and remote monitoring from our team—or using CGI’s infrastructure. We also can provide collectors and collections managers, as well as staff training and support.


Reinvent your business with CGI Collections360

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