Advancing health beyond hospital walls

CGI CommunityCare360 is a modular solution that connects patients, primary care physicians, case coordinators, work coordinators, extended care teams, mobile care providers, first responders, administrators and managers.

Modules are designed to:

  • Improve care planning and care coordination
  • Enable eConsultations and cross-continuum communication
  • Improve patient empowerment and self-involvement
  • Improve work order planning and work coordination
  • Reduce travel time with intelligent GIS enabled dispatching
  • Improve telemonitoring including tele-alert and tele-alarm monitoring
  • Improve ambulant first response and ER-Integration
  • Automate audit friendly eBilling, Payroll and EHR integration
  • Make all relevant data, voice and video available seamlessly across all stakeholders in the community care continuum.

Collectively, these modules connect and deliver all aspects of community care delivery. They support the reduction of non-emergent ER visits and in-hospital stays. They also enable our partners to provide assisted living as a service. CGI CommunityCare360 also increases worker face time (and therefore billable time) with the patient, in some cases by 67%.


  • Greater efficiency through streamlined patient centric processes
  • Care plans visibility to all stakeholders in the continuum of care
  • Increased patient safety due to accurate and real-time data shared across the continuum of community care
  • Patient empowerment through real-time self-monitoring
  • More efficient communication with all stakeholders including patients
  • Increased visit rate per care provider 
  • Increased % of working time that is now client facing time
  • Effective management of care provisioning
  • Better reporting, SLA compliance and KPImetrics
  • Improved patient safety through wireless door access
  • Improved tele-monitoring, including alert and alarm triaging
  • Streamlined work planning, billing and payroll management
  • Mobile-enabled work orders, and mobile, auditable case reporting
  • Quick and easy implementation through Software as a Service
  • User interfaces for mobile workforce and supervisors enabling planning, dispatching, real time follow ups, reporting tasks, billing info, working hour and KPI reports.

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