Health analytics

Unlocking the value of health data for better outcomes

Health organizations seek a greater understanding of their data to make smarter decisions for better outcomes. For example, they want to know how demand for services is trending, and how to anticipate the predicted impact of planned changes on financial performance, staffing, supply management and patient throughput. As important, they want clearer insight into patient perceptions of quality of care. In the life sciences sector, the desire is to leverage complex data sets to improve translational science.

CGI has comprehensive experience in delivering business intelligence, data analytics and predictive modeling solutions to health and life sciences clients. Our vision is to harness the power of data to achieve better outcomes for patients, clinicians, administrators, payers, researchers and regulators alike.

We work closely with health organizations to:

  • Better manage and forecast resources, increase efficiency and improve quality and access to care. Our solutions include CGI Healthcare Enterprise Optimization, an innovative modeling and analytics solution that enables data-driven insights.
  • Reduce harmful episodes through the detection of unusual or adverse events, leading to better patient experiences, shorter lengths of stay and reduced readmissions, with our Patient Safety Service
  • Achieve situational awareness and intelligence with our Internet of Things Framework for Health.
  • Identify healthcare claims with high potential for recovery with our CGI ProperPay solution which uses Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite to harness machine learning, perceptual intelligence and the cloud for predictive healthcare
  • Support better care planning, care transitions and clinical decision making by leveraging structured and unstructured data, paired with predictive and similarity analytics, for example, through CGI's partnership with IBM's Watson Analytics for Health to help providers and payers better manage population and individual patient health
  • Effectively plan operational changes such as modifying the case mix in surgery and analyzing the effect on other departments, such as pathology, blood bank, pharmacy and more
  • Monitor social media sentiment to learn patient perceptions and mitigate reputational damage

Experience and expertise

  • CGI assisted a university hospital in Sweden with guided analysis to facilitate the search for patient data information
  • We provision data and metadata from multiple Alberta Health applications into the Alberta Health Business Intelligence Environment (BIE) and create informational views of the data to meet business needs.