Natural resources

Effectively managing market changes and risk while reducing costs

Fluctuating supply and demand, rising costs, reduced margins, increased government regulation and market diversification are just some of the many challenges manufacturers in the natural resources industries must address to remain competitive. Although commodity prices have significantly increased, supply has not caught up. Finding new reserves and then bringing them to market has become imperative across the industry. Supply is predicted to be the industry’s biggest challenge over the next five years.

To help cut costs, executives are focused on areas such as procurement, supply chain management and technological innovation, including the move to cloud adoption. In fact, a large number of CIOs have said that cloud adoption is a top priority.

CGI serves manufacturers across multiple industries within the natural resources sector, including mining, metals, pulp and paper, and chemicals. We deliver the technological expertise and solutions they need to effectively respond to their challenges. Amidst ever changing market conditions, our experts help them improve the performance of their operations, reduce costs and generate profitable growth.

What we offer

CGI offers a full range of services and solutions for manufacturers across the natural resources sector industries, including the following:

  • Manufacturing IT strategy and blueprint development to drive process improvements and cost reduction
  • Integrated production processes and the automation and modernization of manufacturing execution systems
  • Real-time business information integration across traditional silos 
  • Solutions to collect, share and effectively use data to optimize operations on a near real-time basis
  • Enterprise solutions for product lifecycle management
  • Ecosystems and collaborative design platforms across the extended enterprise and external networks
  • New product launch and marketing services
  • Solutions for robust data analytics over a large volume of data from processes, products and business systems
  • Process improvement, standardization and automation
  • Process improvement, standardization and automation
  • Demand-driven enterprise with a technology-enabled (e.g., mobile, RFID, cloud), dynamic and collaborative value chain
  • Application portfolio rationalization, modernization and outsourcing to reduce total cost of delivery

The value we deliver

Our services and solutions for natural resources manufacturers are delivering the following benefits to clients worldwide:

  • More innovative, competitive and sustainable product development
  • Faster product development cycles and time to market
  • More efficient and less complex manufacturing processes and systems
  • More flexible and effective global supply chains
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs.

Why CGI?

CGI’s end-to-end manufacturing services range from strategy development to lifetime support, providing all that our clients need from a single provider. Our business consulting and IT services include the development and operation of enterprise-wide infrastructures, application suites and business processes.

With extensive knowledge of industry requirements, our experts design and implement the right solutions for each client. Our experience across a broad range of solutions enables us to select packages that most closely match clients’ needs.

CGI also offers a blended delivery model providing clients with the optimal mix of local expertise and onshore, nearshore and offshore competence centers. This model ensures they receive the best level of support for the best price.