Client innovation workshop at CGI's innovation center

Advancing our clients’ innovation agenda

At CGI, innovation begins as part of our work on client projects. One of the ways we advance our clients’ goals is through our global network of CGI Innovation Centers.

These centers host innovation workshops and provide access to global, cross-industry capabilities, sparking innovation from ideation to rapid prototypes to test business performance. For our experts, these facilities provide a collaborative environment to test and evolve innovations and a space to share advances with the local community.

Whether using video analytics and artificial intelligence to interpret consumer sentiment, testing brain-computer interfaces, or experimenting with quantum computing, we focus on identifying future trends and related technologies, understanding their impact on our clients’ business and applying them to solve client challenges.

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Our Montréal center is a hub of CGI’s best cross-industry innovations from around the world. It is dedicated to accelerating clients’ digital transformation by offering unique co-innovation capabilities to fuel applied and tangible innovation. Clients and business leaders are invited to experience an immersive visit and explore CGI’s key emerging technologies and intellectual property-based solutions. Our center is also equipped with a state-of-the-art design thinking space where clients, guided by our experts, build a digital transformation roadmap and frame innovation opportunities triggering co-innovation programs in a new type of workshop.

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The center in Helsinki features a collaborative environment, demonstration space and CGI NextLab, a development lab that researches future trends and tests related technologies to help CGI clients and experts better understand how the world is changing and its impact on their business.



CGI’s Retail and Consumer Services Center of Excellence in Lille enables clients to look into the future and gain insights into the differentiated and personalized experiences that they can provide their customers. It combines a customer-centric showcase with access to a wealth of expertise—from “phygital”/omni-channel enablement to supply chain acceleration, big data and cybersecurity.

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The Lyon center is dedicated to helping clients worldwide transform their supply chains and ecosystems through advanced digital technologies. The center’s experts work closely with clients to identify and develop new digital supply chain solutions and partnership models that improve collaboration and drive innovation. A supply chain showroom features separate innovation stations for each step in the process.

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CGI's digital innovation center in Montpellier, France, helps clients around the world accelerate their digital transformation. Among the disciplines it advances are IT modernization, robotic process association, low-code development, API management, customer digital platforms, cloud data, user experience/user interface, predictive technologies and cybersecurity. The center offers an experience based on customized journeys, and a dedicated showroom where CGI experts and clients co-create pragmatic and relevant innovations.


Located in the Occitanie region in Toulouse, France, CGI’s global innovation center is dedicated to helping clients around the world realize the benefits of Industry 4.0 and the enabling technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and digital twins. The focus of the center is on co-building, with manufacturing clients, the factory of the future, developing new manufacturing solutions and improving existing ones through innovation, and applying Industry 4.0 best practices to accelerate transformation. Another unique aspect of the center is an immersive game designed to interactively teach a course structured around seven key Industry 4.0 issues, including real-time monitoring, data continuity, digital twins, process automation, manufacturing execution systems, process mining, and cybersecurity.

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The Netherlands


Our knowledge and demonstration center in the entrepreneurial city of Rotterdam is designed to help clients visualize their opportunities to adopt emerging technologies. The space features a creative playground, a meeting and workshop area and a presentation facility with rich visualization technology. We also share live demonstrations that highlight emerging technologies, including augmented and mixed reality devices. The center is a unique environment for hosting inspirational sessions.

United Kingdom


As boundaries between space, defense and intelligence operations continue to blur, our Gloucester center is positioned uniquely to help clients connect the dots. The secure interactive environment features holographic projection and mixed reality to help demonstrate and visualize emerging technologies and their role in enhancing UK national security.


Located within our Soapworks office in Salford, Manchester, this center plays a key role in advancing CGI’s collaborative relationships across the public and private sectors in the North of England—connecting business, technology and community growth in the region.

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United States


Just minutes from Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Virginia, the CGI Federal Innovation Center provides a collaborative space for CGI clients and experts. The center, equipped with a variety of conference spaces and tools, is designed to advance creative solutions to federal challenges through interactive sessions that keep stakeholders at the center. It provides an outlet for demonstrations, presentations, training and collaboration. It facilitates workshops that help solve some of the largest and continually evolving challenges faced by the U.S. federal government and other financial service clients in the Washington D.C. area.

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Located in the vibrant technology hub of Denver, Colorado, this center showcases CGI’s cloud-native, digital and human-centered design capabilities for clients who are transforming their customer experience. The collaboration studio and workspaces are designed for teamwork, innovation and the exploration of new ideas and technologies to drive business results.

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Co-located with our delivery center of excellence, the Lafayette, Louisiana, innovation center's research lab advances cutting-edge technologies like cloud, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, smart cities and analytics that support our clients’ digital transformation. This facility leverages unique partnerships with the University of Louisiana and other local institutes.

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Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, center is integral to CGI’s partnership with clients in this resurgent technology city. The modern collaborative studio is equipped with a virtual lab, visualization technology, and spaces designed to promote teamwork, innovation, ideation and applying new ways of thinking to deliver business results. It also hosts community engagement activities such as STEM education.

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