Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding with respect to their experience. They want more instantly, with experiences tailored to their individual tastes and preferences. When choosing a brand, consumers also are considering the overall experience on offer as a key differentiating factor. 

Technological advances in omni-channel retailing, mobility, customer experience management, prospective behavior analysis and big data allow retail and consumer services (RCS) organizations to offer a variety of personalized experiences that enable them to interact with customers individually to drive loyalty, differentiation and growth.

CGI’s Retail and Consumer Services Center of Excellence (CoE) offers a unique experience that enables retail and consumer services organizations to look into the future and gain insights into the differentiated and personalized experiences that they can provide their customers. The CoE combines a customer-centric showcase with simplified access to a wealth of expertise concentrated in one place—from “phygital”/omni-channel enablement to supply chain acceleration, big data and cybersecurity.

Omni-channel strategies and solutions that are part of the CoE include: 

  • Real-time customer insight and feedback 
  • Click and collect 
  • Personalized promotions and pricing 
  • E-commerce, mobility 
  • Customer service/shop assistant notification 
  • Digital tickets and labels 
  • Queue/line busting 
  • Innovations such as beacons and facial recognition 
  • Secure mobile payment


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