Whether implementing new systems and solutions or finding creative ways to make the most of clients’ current investments, CGI has an established track record of developing solutions that deliver value to clients’ customers and citizens, including:

  • modernised, “smart” system (delivered in partnership with Microsoft and Telent) that assists the London Underground to monitor its critical assets
  • “whereabouts” mobile application that enables over 25,000 athletes worldwide to enter, check and change information on their whereabouts to meet World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulatory obligations.
Innovation at CGI

Client-focused innovation

Our local proximity business model is based on a client-centered approach where we closely collaborate and innovate with our clients while maintaining strong delivery excellence. Within CGI, the innovation of our professionals is both measured and rewarded, which further supports our ability to bring new ideas and fresh, reusable and proven solutions to our clients. Learn more about how we harness and bring forth innovative ideas through the CGI ICE Program.


We understand that partnerships are essential in driving innovation for our clients. Through our partnerships with leading global providers, as well as alliances with niche market players, we offer clients the best possible solutions backed by strong integration and capabilities. Learn more about our partners program.

Insights and thought leadership

Supported by our rich history and extensive global network, CGI has the unique ability to align people, processes and technology to enable true transformation and sustainable growth. Our business and technology experts understand how to innovate across business and technology environments at every stage of transformation—from strategy to execution. Learn more about our know-how and discover our rich set of IP solutions.