The Challenge

The energy sector is going through a revolution that will completely change the way we produce and consume energy for years to come. The increasing uptake of rooftop PV, battery energy storage systems and embedded generators, along with the progressive increase of electric vehicle adoption will not only impact the operation of the network, it will also have considerable impact on the need for new infrastructure and corresponding capital expenditure.

Distributed System Operators (DSOs) need to invest in projects aimed at increasing hosting capacity and that provide support for a variety of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) services. Safety, network reliability and energy affordability, as well as maximising their renewable energy exports, are also essential.

The Solution: Distributed Energy Resource Constraint Manager

When a large Australian DSO joined forces with CGI, they brought with them a wealth of research, network engineering capability, functional criteria and field verification which proved vital. The DER Constraint Manager application is a product of the DSO’s thought leadership and CGI’s Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) and Operational Technology (OT) capabilities. The result is an intelligent and robust DER Constraint Management solution for DSOs. Read more of the details of the solution in the case study.

The Benefit

The solution supports the DSO’s DER integration strategy to advance the uptake of solar energy, and other DER, through a flexible, cost effective and rapidly deployable solution.

Dynamic Operating Envelopes improve the management of daily power flow fluctuations that can impact network capacity, the quality of supply and in some cases, the broader stability of the electricity system.

Ultimately the solution ensures safe operations and network stability whilst maximising renewable energy exports and associated revenue for our client.

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