CGI in Australia has successfully supported our Telecommunications clients through many complex projects since the 1980s. Read three short client case studies of some of the solutions we are proud to have delivered for provisioning/fulfilment, call handling, real-time rating, mobile number portability, prepaid migrations and customer assurance to name a few. Below we share some recent examples of successful client engagements that have achieved real business benefits.  


Case study 1: Providing fraud prevention during hybrid modem activation

Client Challenge

Customers are always excited when a new hybrid modem arrives and naturally, they want to quickly access its features. They expect a fast, simple activation experience with immediate access to data - even though the network provider may still be completing the activation process behind the scenes. But providing this flexibility can leave the network provider open to customers taking advantage and using excessive data, or they can even be vulnerable to fraudulent activity. Our client wanted to provide great customer service, while still managing the risks.

CGI Solution

Girl sitting on floor and using laptop

CGI delivered a wireless backup solution for hybrid modems that supports flexible customer sign-up processes, but also includes a temporary data allowance with built-in fraud detection and prevention. If a customer exceeds the pre-set time or data volume thresholds, a wireless backup policy blocks the internet yet continues to support the network provider's activation procedures. This provides a user-friendly sign-up process, while also managing for fraudulent data usage.


Services provided: CGI designed, developed, tested and delivered the solution into production, and provides ongoing support of the CGI developed solution code.

Application Development | Business Process Consulting | System Integration Services 

Value Realised  

  • Great customer service via a simplified sign-up process that provides immediate access to internet data,
  • Modems can work ‘out of the box’ even when delays or issues in the physical network connection or back-end processes cause delays,
  • High customer satisfaction with the new data connection,
  • ‘Self-learning’ modems that identify themselves when installed lead to simplified fulfilment processes,
  • Reduction in fraudulent or excessive data usage while the activation is still being finalised.

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Case study 2: Call centre solutions: intelligent diagnostic assurance

Client Challenge

In-bound customer assurance calls take time, especially where multiple systems need to be accessed for different problems. Having to hand off calls due to a lack of access to data or answers, leads to dissatisfaction for both the client trying to get their issue resolved, and for the agent taking the call. 

CGI Solution

Professional working in call center

CGI developed an assurance solution which, through a single search, queries all network systems with service data, and delivers a real-time diagnosis of the ’health’ of the customer's service. This allows agents to immediately explain any issue identified and resolve it with the customer on the phone. Clients are delighted that they are not being re-routed to different agents, and agents get the professional satisfaction of helping customers resolve their issues. Our client was so pleased with the success of this project that it was subsequently expanded from mobile support assurance, to also cover fixed, email, data and hybrid services.

Services provided: Application Development | Business Process Consulting | System Integration Services

Value Realised/Outlook

  • Assurance call times reduced,

  • Customer satisfaction improved with an immediate Net Promoter Score increase,

  • Reduced handoff to second and third levels means fewer agents are involved in the problem resolution,

  • Reduced ‘multiple call’ cases,

  • Allowed more agents to solve broader issues across multiple systems and IT stacks,

  • The diagnostic assurance tool and instructions could be configured and managed by the client.

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Case Study 3: Service centre solutions: complex product assurance


Supporting products like Apple Watch and Hybrid modems involves complex lifecycles and processes. Ensuring support tools can access and provide intelligent diagnosis of issues is key to customer satisfaction and for the profitability of supporting such products.  


smart watch

CGI enhanced the assurance solution to provide a single search that identifies the relationships between services and presents a summary view, with real-time ‘health’ diagnoses, across the services. 

This allows agents to explain identified issues including relationships between services and to quickly resolve them with the customer on the phone. 

The tool was also made configurable such that the client could both update rules and logic provided by CGI, as well as develop their own additional health rules and diagnostic fix button.

Services provided:  CGI designed, developed, delivered and supported the diagnostic solution. Application Development | Business Process Consulting | System Integration Services 

Value Realised/Outlook

  • High customer satisfaction with the assurance support of their new complex products (e.g. Apple Watch or hybrid modem),

  • Reduced need to hand off to second and third level support, means fewer agents are involved in the problem resolution,

  • High product partner satisfaction with the launch (e.g., Apple was happy with the solution),

  • The diagnostic assurance tool and instructions can be configured and managed by the client.


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