As organisations advance their digital transformation agendas, they are turning to DevOps—integrated development operations and quality assurance—to enable fast, modern and flexible IT that drives innovation. CGI’s holistic DevOps Reference Model balances the five key dimensions of governance, culture, metrics, process and architecture, and tools to provide a blueprint for high-performing organisations.

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Proven DevOps results

  • Reduced deployment and maintenance cost by up to 6 times

  • Auto-scaled for peak enrolment time by 5 times

  • Reduced build time frames from quarterly to nightly

  • Reduced code deployment to production from 4-6 hours to 15-30 minutes

  • Increased speed to market up to 92%

  • Automated deployment success rate up to 99%

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Our end-to-end offerings 

  • Consulting – assess and benchmark DevOps maturity, identify and analyse gaps, and develop and execute a client-ready roadmap

  • Managed DevOps – facilitate and manage a subset or all of a client’s continuous DevOps processes

  • Outsourcing – integrate DevOps methods within outsourcing engagements, including introducing multi-modal IT with hybrid delivery