Harness the power of Open Source software in your business

Open Source software can provide higher performance, reliability, scale and transparency — often at a far lower cost than proprietary solutions, and with reduced vendor lock-in. 

Over the last two decades, Open Source has matured to a point where it is now a dominant force in many domains. This includes server operating systems, commodity-embedded devices (such as wi-fi routers, smartphones and Smart TV), cloud computing, software-as-a-service and Big Data.

Open Source powers 1.4 billion Android mobile phones, and has provided the platform for the success of companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Uber (to name just a few). Plus, it has led to the development of disruptive technologies, such as the Bitcoin crypto-currency.

Open Source has also disrupted commercial software vendors, many of whom are now placing it at the heart of their business strategies. And this new landscape has grown around the value-sharing nature of Open Source — creating innovative software that can deliver secure, higher-value and often higher-quality solutions quickly, and frequently at lower financial cost.

This has democratised software availability and promoted agility. Simply put, without Open Source, many things we take for granted would not exist. Open Source software has fuelled a quiet revolution — and now is the time for your business to take advantage of the benefits.

CGI’s experience with Open Source

CGI has a long and successful track record with Open Source software around the world. In 2013, we demonstrated this with the creation of our Open Digital Services Centre (ODSC) in Glasgow. The ODSC is our cross-sector centre of excellence for open technologies in the UK — with a focus on Open Source software.

Our Energy, Utilities and Telecoms expertise, alongside the specialisms of the ODSC, is a unique combination, and means we can offer:

  • Digital transformation
  • Cost reduction and rationalisation
  • Scalable enterprise solutions
  • Standardised solutions
  • Modern data analytics
  • Tailored solutions (hybrid and bespoke)

We also have the business domain experience to maximise the return on your technology investments. Alongside the ODSC, our Open Source Profession — made up of specialist architects, designers and developers within our Energy, Utilities and Telecoms business unit — means that we can help you:

  • Make sense of the ever-increasing volumes of data in your industry
  • Manage change, while making sure your applications still work together seamlessly
  • Manage the quality and consistency of your mission-critical data — maintaining it over time and across changes in your technology
  • Make the most of your investments in new technology platforms
  • Manage the proliferation of new smart data devices and services
  • Maximise the return on your investment in a cloud-computing strategy

Why CGI?

  • Our industry knowledge — combined with the technological innovation and engineering excellence of the ODSC — allows your business to make the most of the Open Source revolution.
  • Our strong relationships with leading Open Source technology suppliers help you throughout your Open Source journey.
  • We have developed ISO-9001-certified frameworks that deliver projects on time, and on budget.
  • We have an operating model that fosters local accountability for client satisfaction and success.
  • We deliver services globally through centres located on four continents.