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It’s time to get a different view of the Cloud

By 2018, 78% of IT workloads will be processed in cloud data centres. And public cloud spending will more than double, to $127.5 billion.

Despite this, there are still factors which hold businesses back from cloud adoption. The most prominent of which are:

  • Concern over security — 73% of companies
  • Worry about the loss of control over IT — 38% of companies

And an overwhelming majority (72%) of companies are concerned about shadow apps in their cloud services.

So how can businesses take advantage of the cloud while dealing with these concerns?
With cloud brokerage and a unified approach to cloud management.

We offer this through CGI Unify 360 and Cloud Brokerage — letting you:

  • Discover — an IT roadmap that aligns to your business objectives.
  • Transform — expert guidance to transition workloads to the cloud.
  • Manage — operate, secure and govern all your IT from a single platform.
  • Maximise — efficiently integrate legacy IT with the cloud.
  • Secure — get a holistic view of your entire IT estate, making it easier to spot attacks.

Cloud Brokerage