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Reinventing mobile workforce management

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Reinvent your mobile workforce management to drive efficiencies and cost savings

Across industries, mobile workforce management poses challenges. Many organizations do not have an effective mobile workforce management system, while others use separate systems that do not communicate with each other. This guide offers in-depth information and practical examples for enhancing field workforce management with CGI Mobilog.


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Keeping pace with the mobile future

According to the 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients, 26% of executives say enterprise mobility is an innovation investment priority over the next 3 years. CGI helps clients envision, design, prototype, test, build, integrate and scale next-generation mobile solutions to reinvent their businesses. Our solutions range from mobile web sites, to native mobile apps, to augmented reality, and we deliver continuous improvement throughout the solution life cycle. In addition, we provide back-end service and data integration, leveraging technologies such as API frameworks, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and video and speech analytics. Our innovative mobile solutions deliver highly relevant and valuable location and context-specific information and services to end users.

Our cross-functional teams, staffed locally, provide deep industry and technology expertise, as well as the benefits of our onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery centers. We also offer a wide range of intellectual property solutions designed for business transformation. We value experimentation and learning, and our designers apply human psychology and empathy to their human-centered designs. Advanced methods such as design thinking, agile and DevOps enable us to deliver high quality solutions in rapid sprints.



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How we support a client’s mobile journey

1-2 day ideation workshop that involves user design thinking to define the challenge and envision, validate, and test new solution ideas

Ideation workshop

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Cross-functional teams develop and test a visual prototype in a matter of weeks (3-6 weeks); deliverables include wireframes, impact maps, click dummies, and high-level architecture

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Series of iterative agile sprints in which a joint CGI-client team designs, develops, tests and demonstrates a functional MVP within 1-3 months

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Agile scrum teams build, launch and evolve an end-to-end mobile solution and manage its upgrade life cycle (ranging from 3-6 months until launch to 1+ years of upgrade cycles)


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For mobile solutions that have remained unchanged for an extended period or where UX design was never included from the start, we help you re-envision, re-design, test, and re-launch a more modern, user-centric solution


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Once your mobile solution reaches the end of its regular upgrade / life cycle period, we help you transition to steady-state maintenance and support services; several levels of ITIL support can be delivered by our service delivery teams (both, on-demand and long-term)

Support and maintenance

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