Interactive messaging service

For organizations seeking to automate the delivery of SMS (text), voice and email messages to internal or external audiences, CGI Notify is a cost-effective interactive service for sending and receiving such notifications.

CGI Notify has an intuitive interface for managing and sending alerts and messages to a customer base or workforce. Its powerful search capability makes finding contacts or groups quick and easy. Adding groups and individual members to notifications also is simple and fast.

CGI Notify records all responses automatically, including data such as whether a human or machine answered, the call duration, or what options/button a user pressed while on the call. Recipient reply messages are stored for anytime retrieval. Notification results, with message and response details, can be viewed easily.

CGI Notify may be delivered “as a service” or integrated into an organization’s own software or system and adopted quickly using CGI APIs and services.


CGI Notify Request / Response Process

CGI Notify Request Process

CGI Notify Response Process

CGI Notify Request-Response Process
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Key features include:

  • Text to speech or recorded voice for phone messaging
  • 2-way SMS (text) messaging
  • E-mail notification
  • Option to request response on notifications sent
  • Option to schedule or send immediately
  • Request and response tracking
  • Live operator call transfer
  • Group or individual notification delivery
  • Global reach
  • Software as a Service delivered on secure cloud infrastructure
  • 100% uptime via Tier 1 communication providers