Supply chain management

Drive efficiencies, savings and profitability

CGI's supply chain management experts have an impressive track record of enhancing the supply chain performance of clients across the globe. We work closely with clients in manufacturing, retail and consumer services, transportation, and post and logistics industries to help our clients achieve specific objectives, as well as in implementing broad transformation programs across their supply chain operations.

CGI has a specific focus on bringing additional business value, enabling clients to reduce the total cost of delivery.

Our Supply Chain Acceleration (SCA) portfolio is built around optimizing the value chain end to end. We cover engineering, purchasing, inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, marketing, sales and service.

Our Supply Chain Acceleration (SCA) framework is based on 30+ years of experience in supply chain management. Through this framework, we deliver best practices and technologies for optimizing supply chains, regardless of market, size or business challenge. 

CGI's key supply chain management services include the following:

  • Firm infrastructure
  • Research and development
  • Purchasing/supplier relationship managment
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Warehouse management and transport management
  • Sales and services
  • CGI Manufacturing Atlas methodology for supply chain performance improvement

We understand the challenges of an increasingly global, more fast-paced economy. Today, you can't wait weeks to source raw materials and distribute finished goods, especially in high-tech industries with high obsolescence rates. With our expertise, you can achieve the following:

  • Operate faster, more efficient supply chains
  • Obtain near real-time information to manage inventory in motion
  • Reduce overhead and obsolescence
  • Speed time-to-market

Experience and expertise

  • 2,800 supply chain experts in research and development, advanced planning, warehouse management, transport management, manufacturing execution—across Canada, the U.S., Europe (France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland) and APAC (Australia)
  • 3 global delivery centers in India, the Philippines and Morocco
  • Significantly reduced manufacturing cost and improved margins for a leading global crusher manufacturer through a business transformation program operational in six months.
  • Long-term partnership with a major tire manufacturer, enabling the company to master return on investment on the global downstream supply chain transformation program
  • Simplification and renewal of the global supply chain for one of the largest retailers in the world, addressing the client’s omni-channel and Point of Sale (POS) transformation challenges
  • Proven experience in utilizing  the Internet of Everything, business intelligence (BI) analytics and mobility to deliver predictive maintenance in machinery manufacturing

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