Planning and deployment of heterogeneous terrestrial/satellite networks.

CGI CarnotSat enables accelerated delivery of 5G, reduces the costs of rolling out large scale and rural networks and enables the introduction of new hybrid applications for example connected cars or IoT.

CGI CarnotSat enables network operators to carry out scenario based modelling and to explore use cases across vertical markets. The tool will show where bringing satellite communications into an existing/or 5G network will provide wider geographical coverage, at a lower cost and improve network performance.

Space for 5G is a matter of strategic importance for the European Space Agency” Georgios Ziaragkas, Technical Officer for CarnotSat at ESA

Benefits of using CGI CarnotSat

CGI CarnotSat is a computer aided radio network optimisation tool. It can help you:

  • Deliver a single source of backhaul options.
  • Identify where satellite backhaul could lower costs and improve coverage.
  • Contribute to new differentiated services.
  • Support network optimisation using satellites.
  • Support the development of new use case solutions.
  • Create a more responsive service delivery model.
  • Demonstrate at scale how satellite connectivity could increase revenues for network operators.