Software as a Service (SaaS)

Reducing complexity and costs

A popular alternative to buying, installing and maintaining licensed software, SaaS allows organizations to avoid the costs—both direct and indirect—of managing their own software and realize faster implementations and upgrades.

CGI adapts its industry-leading intellectual-property-based software solutions to support the SaaS model.

Examples include:

  • CGI Trade360, delivering all of the infrastructure, software and support resources necessary to power a bank's global trade business
  • CGI Advantage360, providing government-specific enterprise resource planning capabilities with affordability and cost predictability

CGI's cloud computing experts also guide commercial and government organizations in transitioning to SaaS through our cloud consulting services. As a cloud computing company of choice, we offer objective advice and recommendations on choosing the right SaaS solutions and effectively integrating them into your enterprise to reap all of the competitive advantages that software as a service affords.