A large energy company in Canada needed to modernize their legacy IT environments across multiple data centers. They chose CGI as their partner to architect, build, transition to and manage a modern, optimized, consolidated and integrated hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment.

Our team of experts modernized the client’s operations by implementing our CGI SiteReliabiltiy360 hybrid IT and multi-cloud management platform. The platform was integrated with 15 existing enterprise ITOps tools for real-time event flow data feeds. The platform supports an AIOps model with AI-based event correlation, diagnostics and hybrid IT and cloud orchestration. It enabled us to deliver managed hybrid IT and multi-cloud services across AWS, Azure, VMWare and Oracle Cloud in a highly autonomous model.

The platform’s event flow volume exceeds 200,000 events per month, with a correlation rate of 92%, enabling an autonomous first-call resolution rate of 23%. As AI models continue to be tuned, these percentages are expected to increase. At the current rate, the process saves over 1,600 operations staff hours per month, or 10 full-time equivalents (FTEs). The client now has a modernized environment that is highly scalable, resilient, flexible and future-fit.