How will you provide strong governance while enabling agility in your hybrid cloud and IT environment?

Our approach for running and continuously improving modern hybrid cloud environments is designed for high-velocity, high-volume environments. CGI’s Management Foundation ensures operational excellence in CloudOps and AIOps. We accelerate results with our proven governance and operating models, smart multi-cloud management platform and transition approach. Our cloud-certified experts stay abreast of innovation to provide the advice and skills you need.

We work with you on three fronts:

  • Simplifying the complex by strengthening your cloud governance
  • Ensuring your cloud assets are secure and compliant by assessing and addressing risks with cloud-specific approaches
  • Providing the cloud competencies you need through the right staffing and a high-impact Cloud Competence Center

Our end-to-end Cloud Management and Operations Services include:

  • Cloud Optimization and FinOps
  • Cloud Compliance and Security
  • Cloud Management Services with AIOps
  • Cloud Management Accelerators and Solutions
  • Cloud Competence Center

Learn more about these services and how we can help you achieve your cloud management and operations goals.