Kadaster, the Netherland’s property recording, land registry and mapping agency, has chosen CGI to deliver hybrid service integration and management (SIAM) services, as well as transition Kadaster to a new SIAM structure. Through this work, Kadaster will benefit from optimal process integration, more effective collaboration among internal and external IT service providers, and a better balance between service continuity and innovation.

The term of the agreement is six years with two options for two-year extensions. The estimated total contract value is €14.5 million.

Transitioning to a multi-sourcing ecosystem

As Kadaster’s SIAM partner, CGI is helping the agency evolve from a single IT service provider to a multi-sourcing ecosystem. Our SIAM experts are delivering consultancy services to support the design and implementation of new SIAM services and a new SIAM structure. Their work also includes monitoring security agreements across the agency’s various IT service providers and supervising the collaboration of all service providers across the entire IT chain.

Through this partnership, Kadaster’s existing IT landscape will be transformed into a multi-sourcing ecosystem of internal and external service providers that jointly provide IT services for Kadaster and its end users.                

Partnering for success

Kadaster assessed potential suppliers for this large-scale SIAM initiative based on five criteria, with CGI achieving a maximum score for its SIAM expertise, use cases and transformation approach. According to Michiel Pellenbarg, Director of IT Management and Development at Kadaster, “With a strong focus on continuity, quality and security, I am enthusiastically looking forward to our collaboration with CGI.”

Joost van der Burg, who leads CGI’s operations in the Netherlands, added, "CGI's approach distinguishes itself by combining domain-specific knowledge and technological expertise with a focus on mutual collaboration and relationships. In this assignment, these aspects come together. We are very proud to be able to share our knowledge and experience with Kadaster."

Originally announced on May 28, 2024 by CGI in the Netherlands.