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A successful cloud transformation journey begins with an assessment and strategy phase

The Portfolio Assessment Café is a web-based application that informs the business case and service model for cloud transformation by bringing together data insights and personnel. The Portfolio Assessment Café integrates application portfolio metrics from single or multi-cloud environments into curated and consolidated dashboards. 


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What do you gain with the CGI Portfolio Assessment Café?

CGI's processes, tools, and approach were designed by our team of experts to support the strategy and execution of your digital transformation efforts. Our Portfolio Assessment Café offers:

  • Clear guardrails with a proven cloud assessment methodology
  • Best-in-industry accelerators and integrated tools, including the CAST and Flexera suites of products
  • Governance and process maturity with a plan and direction for program actors and stakeholders.
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In the planning phase, we work with you to set project scope and objectives and define data, metrics, and KPIs. Our consultants identify information sources and toolsets, then we create the project plan and engage your stakeholders.


We import portfolio metrics in the measurement phase. We collect additional data where needed. We then determine the total cost of ownership metrics using cloud provider pricing information.


We leverage the Portfolio Assessment Café to capture data from source systems defined in the planning stage in the discovery phase. We capture auxiliary business and technical inputs via surveys sent to application owners, then identify and resolve gaps and data quality issues.


We leverage the Portfolio Assessment Café dashboards and visualizations to analyze the collected application portfolio data in the analysis phase. We work with you to review and refine each application's automated suggestions and cloud migration options. Our output for your next transformation steps is a cloud migration recommendations report.

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