CGI is a key partner in a leading bank’s digitization program. Under the program, the bank developed a hybrid cloud strategy to use SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services and avoid owning and managing its own infrastructure wherever possible.

Our experts played a key role in planning, implementing and managing the bank’s hybrid, multi-cloud platform. Services ranged from architecture design and technology evaluation to establishing a joint Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). We worked with the client to stand up all governance around the cloud journey and cloud operation, ensure platform and process compliance, conduct risk assessments and mitigate risks. We also developed the cloud infrastructure, including infrastructure as code scripts for automated provisioning and security controls validation.

The CCoE was setup as a shared operation between bank employees and CGI experts. As the client’s maturity increased, they took the lead. We quickly adapted our best practices, frameworks and reusable assets for the full breadth of a modern CCoE, with all documentation easily accessible in an intuitive Wiki.

The bank now has a highly secure, reliable and automated enterprise-wide cloud platform for agile innovation, development and production in a DevSecOps model. Additional benefits include: standardization, enforcement of cloud principles and policies, risk mitigation (including exit strategies), upskilling and organizational maturity, and accelerated implementation of new cloud projects.