As a long-term strategic partner of a global aerospace manufacturer, we have played a key role in the company’s digital transformation journey, including the modernization of its core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As part of its strategy, the company decided to combine its ERP system modernization with a move to the cloud (SaaS) to support its growth across its 35-country operations.

We accelerated their modernization and migration to the cloud by combining our extensive expertise with Oracle ERP Cloud, deep client knowledge and proven CGI DRIVE enterprise SaaS implementation methodology.

Complex efforts and different work streams were decomposed to create an agile backlog. Parallel agile delivery teams executed iterative agile sprints—from basic platform setup and configuration, to incremental delivery of prioritized user stories and functionality, to data migration, to API integration.

Major benefits of the modernization include improved agility and scalability to support the business, real-time data flows for advanced financial analytics, and major productivity gains through streamlined processes and automation.