Through organic growth, a Canadian energy company had built up more than 30 cloud subscriptions and 1,000 cloud users. Their leadership felt a lack of control in monitoring and managing this sprawling cloud estate and governing its use and evolution. The situation had become untenable, with unacceptable risk.

CGI fielded an intervention team of seasoned cloud experts and joined the utility in an initial two-week assessment. Together, we quickly diagnosed the root cause as the lack of effective cloud governance. In a series of joint workshops, we devised a two-pronged course of action:

  • Joint design of a best-practices cloud governance structure with clear policies, rules, roles and responsibilities
  • Rapid “clean-up” operation in close collaboration with current subscription owners

During a five-week period, we worked with all subscription owners to validate, rationalize and clean up their subscriptions. This included removing, renaming and remapping subscriptions, validating users with the active directory, removing users, and even shifting cloud workloads to the proper subscriptions.

In parallel, we helped establish the new, best-practice governance function, transferring knowledge so the client took over the function at the end of the five weeks.

In less than two months, an out-of-control, untenable situation turned around. The client felt confident in their newly baselined cloud estate, as well as its future strategic use.