The CGI Data2Diamonds Book

Delivering valuable business insights

CGI’s popular Data2Diamonds Book has been completely revised and expanded in its second edition. It represents the collective capabilities and experience of our data and analytics practice and community, including our clients with whom we share and build this experience. It is part of our thought leadership series providing guidance for information management, business intelligence and analytics. 

The business world has become too complex and dynamic to manage based on only past experience and gut feeling. Making effective use of exponentially growing data has become paramount for frontrunners in industry and government. This book provides a guide to the world of data and analytics and explains how organizations can use its power to improve and innovate, to reach their objectives, and to outperform their competition.

The starting point for this new edition comes from the key challenges and opportunities we discuss with our clients in this field, and why data and analytics can provide significant value in addressing them. We showcase the business value realized in a wide range of industries and business functions, featuring case studies derived from CGI client engagements. We also define the core capabilities needed to succeed in data and analytics initiatives. Throughout this book, we share CGI’s best practices based on 5,000 members working with clients on data and analytics initiatives on a daily basis.

The expanded content presents key factors and requirements for realizing value from data in today’s digital world. Chapters include:

  • Turning data into insights
  • Industry focus (financial services; health and human services; manufacturing, retail and distribution; government; energy and utilities; communications and transport/logistics)
  • The power of customer data
  • Improving performance with analytics
  • Getting value from device data
  • Organizing for analytics excellence
  • Managing data as an asset
  • Data and analytics architecture
  • Data that is trusted and secure

CGI’s Data2Diamonds

Data2Diamonds is CGI’s methodology for design and implementation of big data analytics solutions. The essential idea is that data contains valuable insights (“diamonds”) that can produce business improvements when put to work. The more high-quality data you can access, and the better you can analyze it, the greater the potential for value. Our D2D methodology not only is represented in this book, but is applied every day by a vibrant worldwide ecosystem of clients and partners. It continues to evolve through the sharing and implementation of best practices, and serves as an active knowledgebase for clients, partners and members of CGI.

We look forward to working with you, transforming your data into diamonds.