Central to a successful public sector organization is a powerful time and attendance solution that increases employee engagement and operational efficiency while accurately enforcing complex payroll rules.

With ever-increasing technological advancements, employees and their organizations are seeking solutions that enable intuitive access to key information as well as simple and accurate time entry. The unique nature of public sector organizations requires flexible solutions that meet the individual needs of departments, bargaining units, employees and key stakeholders while simultaneously managing the organization as a whole.

Why “one size fits all” doesn’t work

Managing the unique needs of different groups within an organization can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often costly for state and local governments. Paper processing, disparate systems, inconsistent processes and a general lack of insight into employee time and leave can increase the risk of dollars being lost. While many organizations require solutions that enable easy time and attendance tracking with insight into costs, such as Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), overtime and grant spending, their current solutions fall short, creating inefficiencies and costly payroll errors. Due to these shortcomings, organizations find they need multiple timekeeping solutions, requiring additional investment and challenging process workarounds.

State and local governments not only need immediate access to timely, accurate information, but also must remain flexible and agile as new federal and state legislation affect time and attendance rules. As seen with the most recent federal mandate resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, public sector organizations require solutions that can easily be configured to adhere to new legislation while also meeting their unique needs.

Partnering with CGI

CGI Advantage is powered by over 40 years of government domain expertise. We partner with our clients to deliver a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, unified business solutions. With CGI Advantage Time and Attendance, clients’ unique rules are enforced throughout the solution, enabling administrators to focus on the results and impacts of time and attendance. Our unified solution makes the management of funds, grants and employees across multiple appointments easy, efficient and transparent. Additionally, the solution includes end-to-end auditability from timesheet to payroll to financial management. Through CGI Advantage Time and Attendance, public sector nuances are supported and the use of third-party solutions is avoided, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

CGI Advantage Time and Attendance at a glance

CGI Advantage Time and Attendance empowers administrators through highly configurable policy rule definitions, automated calculations, and immediate access to dashboards and analytics. The mobile-first design provides users with an intuitive user experience and anytime, anywhere access for employees, supervisors and administrators while also including controls to safeguard payroll and ensure accurate calculations. Employees can easily submit time and leave from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, promoting employee engagement and satisfaction. Efficiency is increased through automated calculations, such as FLSA, overtime, and secondary payments based on the employee’s schedule, giving time and attendance administrators more time to focus on results. Dashboards and analytics provide time and attendance administrators with immediate access to information for informed decision-making and follow-up activities to support key stakeholders and employees.