Traditionally, state and local government agencies that manage cases, applications, claims or registrations as part of their business have relied on manual processes that are labor intensive, costly and difficult to change in response to evolving needs.

CGI solves the challenge

CGI Advantage Case Management transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service. Integrated with CGI Advantage ERP, this flexible, web-based solution provides workflow automation, document management, party management, collaboration and risk/performance reporting capabilities. These features are bundled together to create a unified business system that supports core business needs.

CGI Advantage Case Management manages unique public sector business rules and processes while providing flexibility to meet client-specific business automation needs without the risk and expense of an IT development effort.

CGI Advantage Case Management features include:

  • Contracts Management: Provides the ability to collaborate on solicitation documents and RFP attachments, receive solicitation responses, evaluate vendors against custom evaluation templates and partner on the creation of Master Agreement Documents based on standardized templates. This feature is repeatable, auditable, efficient and unified with CGI Advantage Financial Management.
  • Grievance and Incident Management: Provides the ability to initiate grievances in CGI Advantage Human Resource Management (HRM) and use workflow to evaluate the case and collaborate with peers using defined templates for correspondence. For complex cases, the solution can be used to schedule hearings or mediation sessions and record input from participants for a seamless process.
  • Discipline Management: Provides the ability within CGI Advantage HRM to manage formal Performance Improvement Plan processes and record, track and manage employee disciplinary actions. This process helps improve employee performance, reduces management effort and litigation while ensuring events are tracked by employees for the duration of their employment.