As a result of the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 global health pandemic, state governments are bracing for a dramatic shortfall in projected tax revenue. The results of such a shortfall may not be realized for many months and the effects could be felt for years to come. Now, as citizens and businesses work to overcome these economic hardships, governments are searching for ways to make up for the shortfall by growing revenues from existing sources – taxes, overpayment, unpaid fees, fines and other debts – without raising taxes.

CGI Advantage Collections is a proven, comprehensive collections solution that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of government collections operations. By providing significant process automation, the solution shifts staff time away from the management of tedious daily tasks allowing them to prioritize more pressing, mission-critical work. Additionally, integration with CGI Advantage Financial Management allows for past due obligations to flow automatically from accounts receivable into the collections process where more advanced collections techniques can be applied to resolve the outstanding obligation.

Key Benefits

The CGI Advantage Collections solution and our local team of public sector domain experts provide a more efficient, effective, intuitive collections system by providing:

  • Consolidation of multiple debt types into a single case
  • Cross-referencing when debtors are linked with multiple case
  • Significant management control of workflow and actions
  • Flexible correspondence engine supporting highly customized notices
  • Multiple channel support including mail, email, and text
  • Automated correspondence, liens, garnishments and judgments
  • Ability to send letters at appropriate intervals
  • A Debtor Portal, allowing citizens to review information and create self-service payment agreements
  • Ability to sort cases in management-defined order of importance
  • Real-time answers about payment agreements for timely follow-ups